A Spirit of Service Will Deliver Positive Results For Our Community

My story begins right here in Franklin where I was born and raised. I am the fourth oldest of eleven children. Being near "the top", I learned early on the importance of caring for myself and offering help to my younger siblings. My parents moved to town in 1987. In their search for a good community in which to raise their children, they recognized that the people of Franklin valued strong family and community ties, a well-regarded educational system, and the opportunity to develop long-lasting friendships. A few short years later it became clear that many, many other families were moving to Franklin for the very same reasons!

Recognizing that the town needed additional resources for the quickly growing population of elementary-school-aged children, my parents and three other couples founded the Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter Public School. I entered Ben Franklin Charter in 1995 and was a member of the first graduating class to have attended the school for all nine years, grades K through 8. It was in my later years there that I first began to appreciate the spirit of community service, one of four "pillars" of the school's educational philosophy. My path continued to Franklin High School where I was taught by an excellent faculty and staff, and made many great friends. After playing varsity soccer for my first three years of high school, I was honored to serve as co-captain of the team as a senior. During the summer between my sophomore and junior year, I volunteered for a 10-day service project with high school students from all over the United States. We traveled to a remote part of Mexico to assist indigent townspeople in rebuilding their dilapidated community church while teaching their young children a little bit of the English language. Through that experience, I learned that - in all cultural and community settings - there is no substitute for people helping people. 

When it came time apply to college, I had fully embraced the importance of community service. I paid close attention to that aspect of campus life in researching a few prospective colleges. My ultimate choice, Saint Anselm College in Manchester, NH, was a perfect fit for me. Besides benefitting from a classical education, through a variety of service projects I had the chance to rebuild homes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, assist the homeless in Phoenix, Arizona, work in a half-way home in northern Maine, and twice trek 130 miles on foot over two days to raise money for children at risk of homelessness.

Since graduation from St. Anselm’s with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Political Science, I have applied my communications skills in a large media company focusing on global internet marketing.

My urge to serve the community has never wavered. Last November, I ventured into my first political campaign as a candidate for Town Council in Franklin. On election day, I was humbled to learn that I had received the most votes in a field of 13 candidates.

The experience of campaigning led me to the realization that – despite its sometimes well-earned reputation for disappointment – politics is a genuine and essential component of service to the community. We hear the lament all the time: if good people fail to step forward, the political arena will be left to others who, perhaps, are not so good.

Please look at my platform issues and reach out to me to begin a discussion on how Franklin and Medway voters can best be served on Beacon Hill. I am stepping forward to represent the interests of our community. Please join my campaign! 

      Patrick Casey and Sarah Pepin


Patrick and his six brothers enjoying a holiday gathering.